Lambay Whiskey Irish coffee dessert cocktail recipe

Irish Coffee Dessert Cocktail Recipe

11 ml of Lambay Whiskey Small Batch Blend
7 g coffee of Coffee Cafés Lugat Altura from Perú [g according to the brewing method]
70 ml water [ml according to the brewing method]
1 teaspoon sugar [~4 g]
1/2 teaspoon agar agar powder [~1g]

Make a 60 ml of coffee [2 Italian Espresso & 1 French Espresso ]
I made one with a Moka pot [7 g & 70 ml water] which make 60 ml of coffee
Put the agar-agar powder and du sugar in 1/2 of the coffee and boil it (coffee should not boil…but agar agar needs to) ! Make sure it is well dissolved and add the rest of the coffee and Lambay Whiskey once it is cooler.
Poor immediately in tulip glasses or a coffee cup.

Let it gelify


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