Réseau des Baristas de France – RBF (French Barista Network) presents
2017 French Aeropress Championship.

Sat, Sep 17th, 2017 @ Away Hostel & Coffee Shop




2017 french aeropress championship



The Coffee

During the qualification, the coffee remained a mystery. The only indication was the roaster: Hexagone Café 

Kamwangi Peaberry (one berry) | Kenya 2016

Region: Kirinyaga

Station: Kamwangi Factory 

Altitude: 1600-1800 m

SL 28, SL 34, K7, Ruiru II

Wet processed 


hexagone cafe aeropress 2017 



(3 Finalists from 20 finalists  competitors) 

1. Brice Robin, Independant Barista Paris
2. Julie Crouhy, Barista, Coutume Café, Paris. 
3. Octave Raimbault, coffee lover, Lyon. 



aeropress championship 


Brice Robin, Independant Barista | Paris (Winner)


Inverted Aeropress Method

Coffee: 20.5 g | Grind  8,3 | Mahlkönig EK43
Water: 250 mL Volvic
Temperature: 95 °C –  203 °F 
Filter: 1 paper filter  

0:00-0:10 Pour 60 g of water 
0:10-0:30 Stir 5 s & Pre-infuse 15 s
0:30-1:00 Slowly pour 190 g water in 30 s
1:00-3:00 Infuse 2min | During the infusion, place the rinsed filter and squeeze out the air bubbles.
3:00-3:30 Press in 30 s

Cool down with a decanting method: 4 times (like mint tea)



Julie Crouhy, Coutume Café | Paris (2nd)

Inverted Aeropress Method

Coffee: 18 g | Fine size grind | Commandante grinder

Water: 240 mL Montcalm
Temperature: 96 °C –  204,8 °F 
Filter: 1 paper filter 

0:00-0:30 Pre-infuse with 40 g of water for 30 s and shake

0:00-1:00 Fill with the rest of water 

1:50-2:35 Press and mix

2:35-4:35 Decant in Chemex for 2 min



Octave Raimbault, Coffee passionate | Lyon (3rd)


Inverted Aeropress Method

Coffee: 18 g |Grind 6.3 | Mahlkönig EK43

Water: 235 mL BWT Filtered Water
Temperature: 86 °C –  186,8°F 
Filter: 1 paper filter

0:00-0:05 Pre-infuse with 45 g water 
0:05-0:15 Stir for 10 s

0:15-1:45 Fill with the rest of water and shake shake shake

1:45-2:25 Press, decant & swirl.




The Judges 


Jakub HARTL | Head Judge

Champion: 2012 Aeropress (Germany), 2013 Latte Art, Brewer’s Cup and Coffee in Good Spirits (Czech Republic)
La Bohème Café in Prague as Quality Control Manager. Regulary judge for international competitions such as the Cup of Excellence.


Lacy AUDRY | Co-founder of Kalsada Coffee

2017, judge: Barista National Championships (US), Brewers Cup (France), Aeropress Championships (Philippines).
Manager and Quality Controller at Chouette Café, coffeeshop and roasting in St Germain-en-Laye.


 Stéphane CATALDI | CEO of Caffè Cataldi, French coffee roaster since 2009

2010 French Best Roaster. Co-founder of Hexagone Café in 2014 (Roaster and coffeeshop in Paris 14th)

For this 2017 edition, Hexagone Café was chosen to be the official roaster of the competition because it is one of its coffees that we preferred during a blind cupping, bringing together several roasters of all France. 



2017 french aeropress championship flyer

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