camus cognac the french connection kit


Maison Camus by its family history being part of the French heritage, its authenticity, its quest for excellence, its refined creations combining traditional and innovative know-how as well as its visual universes narrative and colorful universe reminds me of Hermès (which I love it!).

Founded in 1863, Camus is one of the only large, 100% family-owned and independent Cognac Houses, sublimating unique terroirs in each of their cuvées.

Let’s open the Camus Cognac The French Connection Kit …
The neat box (in recycled paper), the design, the creativity and the organoleptic experience inviting me to travel, reminds me of the pleasure felt when we discover and wrap ourselves in Hermès cashmere.
The comparison seems surprising but the pleasure is similar: discovering an aesthetic, surprising, sophisticated product with attention to detail and the signature of a great Maison.

Like the silk squares, the tasting-discovery takes us to the Ile de Ré and Puglia (the south of Italy, in the heel of the boot)

Moreover, in this spirit of “know-how” the Cognacs “Borderies”, from exceptional terroirs (5% of the total surface area of ​​the Cognac appellation) is a Cognac for connoisseurs. It even brings together enthusiasts who share their finds and collections in a facebook group.

Cognac, Ile de Ré, Fine Island targets a younger segment with its creative, daring, affordable and understandable DNA.
A youthful elixir in the image of Cognac evoking the long winter evenings by the fireside with grandparents.


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