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Jean-Robert Bellanger, founder of Amaretto ADRIATICO, was inspired by a childhood memory to create an Amaretto liqueur from almonds harvested by hand in Puglia.
Of Italian origins, it was his mother who introduced him to this liqueur flavoring his favorite dessert, tiramisù.

Much less sweet

100% natural ingredients.
• Roasted almonds from Puglia (Filippo Cea variety, known for its sweetness, its richness in lipids and its intense aromas).
• The almonds are roasted, macerated and distilled for a long time …
• And associated with notes of vanilla, cinnamon, cocoa and a hint of coffee.
• Cane sugar is used twice as much as a classic Amaretto. Amaretto ADRIATICO is thus closer to a spirit than a liqueur. The aromas are floral.
• Notes of coffee, cinnamon and cocoa
• A touch of sea salt from the Adriatic Sea (salt marsh Margherita di Savoia), intensifies the length in the mouth and adds marine notes.
• An Art Deco bottle inspired by the mystical castle ‘Castel del Monte’.


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