7 creations of Joël Robuchon for Sushi Shop are available from today, January, 15th, 2014, for one year ! 

He explained that his idea was to create something interesting and appealing combinations of flavors and textures with imposed ingredients. His only demand was not to use endangered Bluefin red tuna. His creations are meant to be eaten without soy sauce. The seasoning is in the sushi itself. 

“I had fun, it was a playful game for me” 



Spicy cucumber salad with Cayenne chili pepper / Salade de concombre épicé au piment de Cayenne

It is a minor change from the usual salad. 




joel_robuchon_sushi_shop_tartare_saumon_2014A finely chopped salmon tartar, capers, parsley, onion, sauce Robuchon. / Tartare de saumon finement haché, câpres, persil, oignon, sauce Robuchon

This tartar has a surprising consistency. It’s is so finely chopped that it nearly taste like a salmon paste.


The five creations are, from left to right: 

1) LOBSTER ROLL CRISPY – 1 piece – 9.90 €

Lobster, banana, cucumber, yuzu mango sauce, soy sheet / Homard, banane, concombre, sauce yuzu mangue, feuille de soja

My favorite. I loved the combination of lobster, banana and yuzu. I don’t like the soy sheet consistency though. 

2) SUSHI ST JACQUES SNACKÉE – 1 piece – 3.50 €

Roasted scallop, saikyo miso sauce / St Jacques snackée, sauce saikyo miso

3) EBI SPICY ROLL – 6 pieces – 7.90 €

Shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, cucumber, chips of vitelotte potato, yuzu sauce kosho / Crevette tempura, thon épicé, concombre, chips vitelotte, sauce yuzu kosho

This one is pretty and has an interesting contrast in texture with the potato chip. 

4) CUT’N ROLL – 6 pieces – 5.90 €

Surimi, avocado, carrot, cucumber, cucumber leaf / Surimi, avocat, carotte, concombre, feuille de concombre

3) HAWAÏAN ROLL – 6 pieces – 7.90 €

Basil shrimp, avocado, salmon, kiwi, mango yuzu sauce / Crevette basilic, avocat, saumon, kiwi, sauce yuzu mangue

The combination is unusual and original. 

Visually the creations are very pretty and I like the idea but I did not feel the taste of every ingredients. The yuzu presence tastes nice but sometime takes on other flavors.  







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