If you are lucky to be in Paris this january, here is a selection of my favourite galettes des rois 2014.

 La galette des rois is literally a kings cake.

 Watizit exactly ? >>> Explanations here <<<


1) Jean Paul Hévin The passionate chocolatier

When a gifted chocolatier creates a Galette des Rois…

The traditional galette des rois pairs with dark chocolate and an almond cream with matcha green tea.


The chunks of chocolate inside makes a nice contrast in textures and enhances the flavour of chocolate.


For 2: 6,20€ (no fève) For 3: 29,30€ For 6: 6 42€

A perfect equilibrium between the sweetness, the butter, the flavours and the textures. 

I really love the strong chocolate presence and subtle sweetness. 


Lucky kings and queens who found the “fève”, make sure of its color. The black version wins a 50g  jar of Prunier caviar !

From 2 to 18 january 2014.



2) Gontran Cherrier The most original baker

Gontran Cherrier is a baker. His approach of the galette des rois is technical. He plays on flours and ingredients. 


The flaky pastry contains 12% of buckwheat. Buckwheat is gluten-free so it does not rise… A challenge to find to prefect equilibrium. 

I absolutely loved Gontran Cherrier’s pistachio paste filled galette. This year it is hazelnuts cream with subtle orange flavours. No zest nor pieces!

Simply so yummy ! 


3) Pierre Hermé The pastry architect

The most regressive galette des rois with vanilla rice pudding and soft caramel. 

Rice pudding is one of the childhood comfort food for many French. 

For 3/4: 35€ For 6/8: 56€

For 3/4: 35€ For 6/8: 56€

The association of rice pudding and puff pastry is well made. 

It’s not at all heavy as I would have imagined. And the dough has this nice flakiness. 

From 2 to 19 january 2014.



4) Eric Kayser A baker-pastry wedding

Each year, Eric Kayser bakes this Southern Kings Brioche. The brioche dough is soft and delicious and is coated with a delicious orange blossom sirup.


For 4: 14,90€ For 6: 19,90€

Sugar pieces and candied fruits decorate and make a nice texture contrast. 

Each year the cakes improves. This year, the brioche which is technically a bakery seems to get closer to a pastry. 


Here is the one of this year ! Thank you Nader for your pics and tasting comments!


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