Here is a small selection of crazy summer japanese snacks.

Voici une petite sélection estivale des folies japonaises à snacker.

Click on the image for details.

Pour plus d’infos, clicker sur l’image.


dragon ball snacks ministop

Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods Snacks – Ministop

moko moko mokolet_heart

Moko Moko Mokolet – Heart

Watermelon Ice Bar - Kabaya

Watermelon ice bar – Kabaya


Guimauve Mangue Kiwi – Kabaya

Animal Vegetable Biscuits - Ginbis

Animal Vegetable Biscuits – Ginbis

Pierre Herme Yogurt

Yogurt Ispahan – Pierre Hermé

Gummy Strawberry Ice Bar - Kabaya

Gummy Ice Bar – Kabaya

Muscat jelly gummy meiji

Muscat Jelly Gummy – Meiji

Watermelon gummy - Kabaya

Watermelon gummy – Kabaya

Nagashi Sōmen - TakaraTomy

Nagashi Sōmen – TakaraTomy






















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