L’Olionovo of Castellare di Castellina is an extra virgin olive oil. I discovered it the famous and delicious Italian restaurant Paolo Petrini. 

Unfortunately, he closed his restaurant few years ago. 

Castellare names it’s olive L’Olionovo. “L’Olionovo” (Olio = oil; novo = new) is the authentic expression used by tuscan peasants to name the just fringed olive oil” as it is communicated by the brand.



As you can see it is a vintage olive oil. But, actually it is not like wine you have to eat it as soon as possible. 

So why? Because 

Castellare di Castellina first vocation is to be a pruner, a grape harvester and a wine maker.castellare_di_castellina_olionovo-extra_virgin_olive_oil_2
L’Olionovo is rich (you would say normal for an oil…) and dense. It is green with gold shines…

The taste is profound, fruity, slightly spicy… 

Different types of olives (Frantoi, Pendolino, Ascolane, Moraiolo) have been grinded in stone and fringed without heat. 


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