The finest Bean to Bar French chocolate maker’s NEW EXCLUVIVE CHOCOLATE

THE tablet to buy from the living room !!! [And at the price of a tablet Grands Crus Exception 8.20 €]

A new origin: EL CASTILLERO [Beans of Nicaragua]

A world exclusive. This award-winning cocoa [international competition] is considered a national treasure.

This is the first time he has been allowed to leave his home territory, exclusively with Maison Bonnat.

A real privilege to be able to taste it at the Salon !!!

EL CASTILLERO is an elaborate chocolate whose beans come from the Indio Maiz natural biological reserve.
PRICE: Best Dark Chocolate from France and Europe & Triple Gold Medal Winner at the International Chocolate Awards /

And in addition it seems that chocolate has like wine, organoleptic qualities and flavors evolving in time !!!

I will test !!!


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