Today the gastronomic world in France is boiling. It is the launching of the French Edition of The Guide Michelin 2014.

Who is on the famous list of restaurants awarded or losing stars… 


For 2014, 610 starred restaurant from which 64 are newly awarded…


Arnaud Lallement, the only new 3 starred chef


Arnaud Lallement, chef of the restaurant Assiette Champenoise, near Reims was already awarded “Chef of the year” by the other famous gastronomic guide Gault et Millau. What a year for this 39 years old, young chef. 


Paris young and trendy chefs !

Here is my top 3 of Paris winners… 

1) Akrame who already had on star got his second one !!!   


2) La Scène the restaurant of the Hôtel le Prince de Galles with chef Stéphanie Le Quellec and the pastry chef Yann Couvreur (an article about his Christmas cake) got a star.  

Yann Couvreur

Yann Couvreur

3) Trendy Septime with chef Bertrand Grébaut  also won his first star.


Japanese chefs

Since few years, Japanese chef in Paris are really successful, with French or Japanese cuisine .

Two Japanese restaurant, Okuda and Jin got their first star. 


A hair in the soup… 


France is boiling because the Michelin is getting more criticised and questioned than previous years… 

Few days ago the famous French food journalist, Gilles Pudlowski wrote an article titled “Le Michelin a perdu sa boussole” (The Michelin has lost it’s compass). According to him the guide lost it’s judgment since former director like André Trichot and Bernard Naegellen were replaced by directors with different point of views…

The new international director is Michael Ellis (American) and his deputy Juliane Casper (German) … They want to discover new young chef… Gilles Pudlowski is of course not against but not if monuments chefs are forgotten… Like… Marc Veyrat… 

The Telegraph titled… “Are the French losing their taste for the Michelin guide?”

The articles quotes the chef Marco Pierre who questioned the integrity of  the guide-book. “When I was a boy, winning a Michelin star was like winning an Oscar. Today they dish out stars like confetti. What does Michelin mean any more? Not much. I don’t think Michelin understands what it’s doing itself. It’s unhinged.”

Telegraph article


Here is a the complete list of 2014 Michelin Guide – Starred restaurants in pdf. 


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