I am born and raised in the 15th arrondissement of Paris and Feyrouz has always been part of my landscape. 

If you look for something good to snack after trip to the Eiffel Tour, it is the perfect place. It is open 7/7 from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.


I have not been here for… 10 years…Can you believe it is the first time I actually eat at the restaurant ! 


 It was just next to school and home. We used to take out “Shawarmas” (شاورما‎), a delicious sandwich usually with spit roasted meat with my friend Sari.  


It was not planned and we are in rush because it’s my birthday and some mysterious surprise is opening at 8:00 pm. Funny fact, the restaurant’s birthday was yesterday… WooW it’s kind of old… too  ! )

I never do anything special the day of my birthday. It’s the 2nd of january… It usually rains in Paris and gastronomic restaurants are mostly closed and anyways after the gigantic food experience of Christmas I feel like wanting fresh and diversified food. 

Appetizers: olives, pickled vegetables...  Amuse-bouches: olives, légumes marinés...

Appetizers: olives, pickled vegetables…
Amuse-bouches: olives, légumes marinés…

 So, after my long life story… Here is a nice fresh appetizer to start with… 

I love picked vegetables (we have some in Japan too that we call otsukemeno)


Assorted mezzo
Assortiment de mezze

The assortment of various dishes is a good choice a larger range of the Lebanese specialities. 

Taboulé, , hummus (chick pea purée) and moutabbal (eggplant purée), fatayer (A dough stuffed with spinach, meat or cheese…)

Jawaneh mekli maa toum "Flambéed" chicken wings; garlic, lemon Ailes de poulet flambées, ail et citron.

Jawaneh mekli maa toum
“Flambéed” chicken wings; garlic, lemon
Ailes de poulet flambées, ail et citron.

The dish is served with Lebanese salad, hummus (chick pea purée) and moutabbal (eggplant purée).

I was feeling nervous that the place has changed like so many others… But it 38 years the quality had not changed. 

Everything is delicious. The ingredients are fresh and well made. 

The prices are of course higher than the take out but the quantities are huge. 

The service was efficient and agreeable even with me rushing them… 



8, rue Lourmel, Paris, France

01 45 78 07 02

Métro : Dupleix 

The service is 7/7 

8:00 am – 2:00 am

Non-stop so you can grab a snack whenever.


If you like sea food, they also have the sea version next door: Feyrouz côté mer. 

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