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The best eggplant I have ever tasted !!! No I did not fall on the head it is validated by two other people.

Nasu Dengaku Favorite Veggie | 16 €
Eggplant aubergine (double cooking) is incredibly chewy and tender.
It is topped with a sweet and divine miso sauce (fermented soybean paste and Japanese salt) + sesame seeds and blueberries.
And, TADDAAAM icing on the cake, or rather herbs on the eggplant …
A profusion of exquisite aromatic and medicinal herbs, produced on site at the aquarium in aquaponics is a true delight.
Each bite consist of different flavors!
This vegan dish is a wonder !!!

[Mint, tarragon, chives, cilantro, rosemary, basil, shiso, hops? and even verbena]


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