Paperboy !!! I feel so excited to discover this new place in the neighbourhood. 

Paperboy has all the ingredients of the latest Parisian food trend. 

1) OUT = A cool, modern design looking storefront. Black is the color of these last years.



2) IN = Quality products: Demory beer, jam from La chambre aux confitures.



3) Cozy interior and American products.



4) Home-made pastries.paperboy_cakes


Typical French welcoming !!!!



I would like a latte please

Only one latte?…. Errrr… And you want to drink it here ?


(I just had lunch at Sassotondo ! Yes it is Sunday and I keep my habit and I wanted to try this new place to test it fully later)


Yes is it possible ?

Eeerr…. Then at the counter only…


The counter is nice but as it seems to bother them so much, I decide to take it to go….

Of course, I can totally understand that a restaurant does not want to take a table for a latte at lunch time…

But it is 3 pm, the brunch time seems to be finished and the place is new and empty !!!


Never judge a coffee by its cover


3,50 €

Unfortunately the coffee is too watered. The taste is insipide, the foam had no consistency at all… 

It is bad !!! 


I really hate to write review like this about a place I have not tested fully, but I would not try the brunch there as I planned too.

It is 23€ and I will keep for another place. 

I would be very interested to have some feedbacks of persons who tried… Hope good and yummy… 



The logo is as cute as the place !!!
Very disappointed…





137 rue Amelot,

75011 Paris

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