2015 French Aeropress Championship by RFB 

Réseau des Baristas de France – RBF (French Barista Network) presents the 2015 French Aeropress Championship.


Here is my video of the evening.

Monday, March 9, 2015 – Lundi 9 Mars 2015




(3 Finalists from 18 competitors) 

1. Thomas Clement – Café Cuillier
2. Steaven Marks – Café Coutume
3. Antoine Aubry – Coutume Instituutti





Thomas Clément – Café Cuillier

Inverted Aeropress

Coffee: 18 g of coffee – medium size grind – hand-ground with Hario Skerton

17.5 g in inverted AeroPress

Water: 230 mL St. Georges water at 

Temperature: 64 °C – 147.2 °F (VERY LOW AND RARE) 

Filter: Paper filter


Infuse for 30 seconds

Stir coffee for 20 seconds

Plunge to 1:35



Steaven Marks – Cafe Coutume

Inverted Aeropress

Coffee: 17.5 g of sieved coffee (­­>500µ) of selected coffee beans

Water: 255 g water of home-made water,  “La cuvée maison”                                                                                                             Distilled water + 70 ppm sodium + 30 ppm magnesium (PPM  = PART/MILLION  = MG/LITER) 

Temperature: 85 °C – 185 °F

Filter: 2 paper filters, 1 with a bigger diameter


Pre-infuse in 60g of water

Stir 20 times

Add 195 g water, to 1:10

Stir 20 times

At 1:40, flip AeroPress

Push slowly to 2:50 and keep 20g in the AeroPress

Chill and oxygenate

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Antoine Aubry – Coutume Instituutti

Normal method with slow extraction

Coffee: 15.6 grams coffee, coarse grind (16 on EK43)

Water: 210 grams Montcalm water

Temperature: 85 °C – 185 °F

Filter: Paper filter


At 1:00, stir 5 seconds

Place the plunger at 4:00 and plunge slowly for 1:30

Chill and serve




Coffee: “Le Petit Noir” from Le Comptoir Général, a washed Ethiopian coffee (Sidamo, Shilicho) – 6 days old after roasting




Sponsors:  Belco – Art of CoffeeModderne



Antoine Péron (Roaster of the Competition Coffee)

Laura Plaineau (2015 French Cup Tasters, Vice-Champion – 2nd and an active member of RBF)

Raphaël Prime (First Q-grader in France)


MC: Nir Chouchana (French Coffee In Good Spirits Champion 2014)





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